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Codequest Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The following disclaimer and limitation of liability applies to Codequest Ophthalmic Coding courses:

  • The Colorado Society of Eye Physicians (CSEPS) and Surgeons and the American Academy of Ophthalmology specifically disclaims any and all liability for errors in, commissions from, or use of any information provided by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, its employees, agents or representatives, including but not limited to, injuries or other damages of any kind for any and all claims that may arise out of the use of any idea, technique or method demonstrated or described in any material by any presenter and/or author, whether such claims are asserted by a physician or any other person.
  • All information provided by CSEPS or the Academy, its owners, employees, agents, or representatives who participate in the Academy's AAOE coding services is based on information deemed to be current and reliable. CSEPS and the Academy do not provide legal or accounting services or advice, and the course attendees should seek legal and/or accounting advice as appropriate to them, their owners, employees, agents or representatives. Coding and reimbursement is a complicated process involving continually changing rules and the application of judgement to factual situations. CSEPS and the Academy do not guarantee or warrant that either public or private payers will agree with their opinions. CSEPS and the Academy shall not be liable to course attendees to any extent whatsoever for inadvertent errors in or omissions from any such information provided by CSEPS, the Academy, their employees, agents or representatives. CSEPS and the Academy's sole liability for providing the coding information shall be limited to the amount paid by attendee to CSEPS/the Academy for the coding service.