Colorado Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons
Welcome to the home of Colorado Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons (CSEPS).   We are ophthalmologists (medical doctors – MDs and DOs) who specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of eye disease.  We are dedicated to the public's direct access to ophthalmic care. As a non-profit organization, CSEPS member ophthalmologists are medical doctors specializing in the evaluation and treatment of the eye and visual system. Like your primary care doctor, pediatrician, neurosurgeon, cardiologist, etc, we have been through an extensive training process.  This includes a 4 year premedical curriculum, four or more years in medical school, an internship and then at least three years of residency training in medical and surgical ophthalmology.  Many of us have also completed extra years in fellowship training for retina, neuro-ophthalmology, pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma, refractive surgery and oculoplastics. 

Ophthalmologists can deliver total eye care including primary, secondary, and tertiary care. Specifically, ophthalmologists can provide vision services, contact lenses, eye examinations, medical eye care, surgical eye care, and can diagnose and treat ocular manifestations of systemic diseases.  We also promote advancements in medical and surgical eye care, setting the standard for excellence for the health of the visual system. 

Eye M.D.s are your complete eye care specialists.